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Chapter One Tour 2019

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Stehplatz I & II : 17 €

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    Further information
    Kimberose [fr]
    Event location Ostra-Studios (nahe Erlwein Capitol)

    Jazztage Dresden 23.10. - 24.11.2019

    WEDNESDAY / 13. NOVEMBER 2019 / 19:30

    Event location Ostra-Studios (nahe Erlwein Capitol)

    Kimberly Mills Kitson - Gesang
    N.N. - Band

    So young – 28 years old – and yet already proclaimed as a « Soul Diva » ! Her name is Kimberly Mills Kitson and her band is Kimberose. She is a singer-songwriter. Her exceptional voice does not fail to remind us of Billie Holiday, Nina Simone or Amy Winehouse. Her performance on Taratata made the music world go wild for her and since then, all of her concerts have sold out.

    'Chapter One' is Kimberose’s first album. Eleven tracks well rooted in soul music and yet with a certain modernity, making Kimberose one of the most interesting bands of its generation. Kimberly Kitson Mills is an astonishing singer, a tornado of feelings who revisits this genre and revitalizes it. Joyful and vulnerable at the same time, Kim who comes from an immigrant background (her father is English and her mother from Ghana), is ready and well prepared to share this commonplace: soul music still has so much to say and so much bliss to offer.

    Kimberose recorded her debut EP in 2017, which owed her a more than noticeable performance on Nagui’s show, and then on the show C à vous. Her EP then immediately hit the top of the charts in France thanks to her single "I'm Sorry".

    Her first concert at La Cigale in may 2018 sold out at lightning speed, her two concerts in October in the same venue also sold out !

    Kimberose will perform at the Olympia, a mythical venue, on February 7th, 2019. February 7, 2019 in concert in the legendary hall of L 'Olympia.

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