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Big Band Explosion I

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Studio Dan
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Jazztage Dresden 2010

SAMSTAG / 06. NOVEMBER 2010 / 20:00 Uhr

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Zappa’s Musical Successors

The prelude to the Big Band Explosion series beings with a young ensemble from Austria; Studio Dan, formed by Daniel Riegler is an exciting and exceptional big band that integrates new music with contemporary jazz.  This year with their album, “Creatures & Other Stuff,” Studio Dan received a German Record Critics award in the category of “crossing borders.” The award is given annually to musicians and ensembles that demonstrate and have established high quality and extraordinary music that can be integrated with mainstream music.

Studio Dan is an ensemble that integrates the characteristics of a chamber ensemble, Jazz combo, rock band, and an experimental electronic group. The name of the 17-piece ensemble comes from the 1979, Frank Zappa album, “Studio Tan.” The band name alone indicates the starting point and influence for Studio Dan’s projects and music. Their colorful instrumentation and improvisational intensity give Studio Dan the tools to experiment with the limits of free and organized improvisation as well as jazz and contemporary music.