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No artists available! No location available!

FRIDAY / 24. JUNE 2022 / 19:45

No location available!

Optionen für Ticketinhaber aus 2021:

1. Nutzung der Tickets am Verlegungstermin 2022 (Umbuchung niotwendig)
2. Umbuchung in ein anderes Konzert
3. Rückerstattung

Bitte melden Sie sich in jedem Fall unter ticket@jazztage-dresden.de!

Bruce became Caitlyn.

Raider became Twix.

Pandæmonium will become Phoenix.

To begin with the program "Pandæmonium" in the era of social distancing is no joke - even for experienced brass players like us.

That's why we we're now sailing under a new flag and renaming the program "Phoenix".

And we won't waste time on melancholy but blow our way out of the ashes with good cheer.