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Die Grosse Firebirds Nacht

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    The Firebirds [d]
    Event location BallsportARENA

    Jazztage Dresden 23.10. - 24.11.2019

    FRIDAY / 08. NOVEMBER 2019 / 20:00

    Event location BallsportARENA

    Let The Good Times Roll ...

    In addition to their passionate pleasure in making music, the THE FIREBIRDS also provide a captivating show.
    With interpretations of the 1950's and 1960's Rock'n'Roll songs, they always accomplish to lift people's spirits. The five smart boys from Leipzig, Germany, deliver a highly entertaining mix of reinterpreted classics, a capella and slapstick performances. And, not only their fans are enthusiastic about this. Even big names of the Rock'n'Roll era such as Chuck Berry, Bill Haley's Original Comets and the Rock And Country legend Wanda Jackson already enjoyed rocking the stage together with THE FIREBIRDS. Besides Rock'n'Roll and Twist, they also perform Doo Woop, Mersey Beat and the tunes of the Beach Boys in the same excellent manner. Providing more than just good music but compelling entertainment too, THE FIREBIRDS truly live up to their reputation as a great show band!