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Event location Ostra-Studios

FRIDAY / 28. OCTOBER 2022 / 19:30

Event location Ostra-Studios

Electrocutango is finally releasing their third record Contrastes in 2021,
taking their unmistakable mix of Argentinian tango, jazzy beats and
electronics a step further and in a funky direction. Considered one of
the most dynamic, original and audacious expressions of the new tango
movement, Electrocutango’s sound can be identified as tango with an
electronic update (rather than electronica with ”exotic seasoning”). The
music has a distinct identity based on tanguero musicianship, with an
original approach to fusions from Puerto Rico, Brazil, RnB, DnB, Jazz and
Contemporary Music. The European tango-festivals, together with milongas
and clubs, gave their first CD Felino a warm welcome; an album which is now
considered a classic within the electronic tango genre.