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    Further information
    Trio Elf [d]
    Event location Ostra-Studios (nahe Erlwein Capitol)

    Jazztage Dresden 23.10. - 24.11.2019

    THURSDAY / 07. NOVEMBER 2019 / 19:30

    Event location Ostra-Studios (nahe Erlwein Capitol)

    Gerwin Eisenhauer - Drums
    Walter Lang - Piano
    Peter Cudek - Bass
    Mario Sütel - Loopstation

    Trio Elf is one of the internationally most acclaimed German jazz groups. Trio ELF was just honored with the Bremen Jazz-Award 2016 and it’s the only band from Germany, that recently received a whole page in the American Downbeat, the most famous Jazz magazine in the world. „Trio Elf continues its signature exploration of the best of what’s out there in the world of sound“ (Downbeat 11/2011)

    Trio Elf has truly re-invented the classic jazz piano trio in recent years by using grooves and sounds of contemporary club styles as a kickoff for improvisation. Their warm acoustic sound is augmented by the creative use of electronics. Trio Elf's musical ease stems from melodies of an almost hymnic quality, dazzling rhythms und surprising dynamic shifts arising from a collective breathing of three equal voices. Critics both in Europe and Japan have hailed their inspired interplay. Elf's third album "Elfland“ (enja) effectively features Brazilian vocal legend Milton Nascimento as a special highlight.