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16. August 2011

Many thanks to all those who campaigned in recent months for the Jazz Festival in the recent years and kept the faith. We are overwhelmed and delighted with this outpour of positive encouragement - and in the meantime things are still in motion.

The city of Dresden is now an institutional promoter of the Jazztage Dresden Festival in the amount of 20,000 €. This pleases us very much and we are grateful to the city of Dresden especially considering the current difficult economic situation.

Although this amount looks good for the festival, it is actually a little more than a drop in the bucket for funding the various conditions and internal operations necessary for sustaining the festival and  because of regulations tied to this promotion festival costs have risen.

In any case, the special concerts of the Jazztage Dresden Festival and the ENSO-jazz tour will take place.

There are many aspects that are still unclear concerning the Jazztage Dresden Festival. Concerts have already been confirmed during the period of November 2th-15th. How many concerts there will be and where they will be held is still unclear. We will keep you updated with the latest information concering the festivals organization.