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Theater Meißen
Theaterplatz 15
01662 Meißen

Phone: 03521 / 41 55 0
Fax: 03521 / 41 55 50

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The Meißen Theater has been a cultural gem of the regional cultural landscape for over 155 years. As early as 1287, a predecessor as a cloth house was mentioned at the location of the current theater building. During this time, the three powers - Margrave, Burgrave and Bishop - were peacefully enthroned on the nearby castle hill. In Meißen - as the "cradle of Saxony" - cultural and economic life began to stir 200 years before the future capital of Dresden, the city of residence and state was founded.

In the Baroque period, theater became really court and saloon. Since 1816, a “theater company” had been documented in Meißen. With the help of this association and merchants interested in culture, the Meissen Theater was born in 1851 in the building of the Gewandhaus, where it is still located today.

In the theater building, a structural synthesis of contemporary functionality and maintaining a touch of romance was achieved. The time-honored theater atmosphere can still be felt in the auditorium and stage area.


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