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Mike Massé is an internationally acclaimed artist and arranger who performs epic acoustic classic rock. He is a YouTube icon with over 160 million channel views.

Mike initially gained notoriety for his performances posted on his widely viewed YouTube channel. The success of that channel allowed him to quit his day job as a public defender after 13 years and move his family to Denver to become a full-time musician who performs around the world.

Mike’s acoustic arrangements are praised for their originality, creativity, accuracy and simplicity. He is careful to remain true to what is beloved about the original recordings, while bringing his own masterful musical flair to each rendition.

His YouTube success has led to other musical opportunities, like singing with original members of the band Boston doing a set of all classic Boston songs, some of the most challenging rock vocals ever recorded.

Mike and his Beatles band Rubber Souls have presented a show of Beatles' music accompanied by the Denver Pops Orchestra, recreating the authentic orchestral arrangements to the delight of audiences of all ages. He appeared in a national television commercial for Google, a tribute to Prince that aired during the Grammys. His famous cover of Toto’s “Africa” was parodied on TBS’ “American Dad,” officially making Mike Massé and Jeff Hall a pop culture reference.