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  • Daniel Stelter - Akustikgitarre

Unlike other classical jazz guitarists, Stelter is following a rather harmonic melody. His sound is winding between jazz, pop and classical music. Since 2003 Stelter has been enhancing his own language of sound. Today he is a guitarist in demand and well-known on German jazz stages.

Stelter’s passion for music started early. He began with playing the classical guitar at the age of eight and had been soon influenced by jazz, rock and pop music by his older brothers. As a teenager he spent hours meticulously listening and playing to tunes from records and tapes. He succeeded at contests like „Jugend musiziert“ and „Jugend jazzt“; aged 17 he was a member of the Federal Youth Jazz Orchestra under the direction of Peter Herbolzheimer. During that time, Stelter had been touring for six weeks through Southeast Europe and recorded a CD.  After his graduation he studied jazz guitar with Norbert Scholly at the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz, but he never lost track of the classical guitar.

Daniel Stelters music speaks for itself. The elaborated instrumentation is the essence, even though he fancies to be accompanied by great voices, such as Fola Dada’s. The quartet has already found its musical recipe, still it is improving from album to album, adding further fine nuances to it.