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Swing Band Ball

FREITAG / 05. NOVEMBER 2010 / 20:00 Uhr

A Sensational and Lively Swing Band Ball
As the well-known event takes place for yet another year in Saxony, let the discerning music lover be reassured that the best swing ball is coming to town with players eager to entertain in front of an elegant backdrop of magnificent musical pearls!

On this evening we are honored to have with us the last great jazz singers of the Swing Era, Dennis Rowland accompanied by the East West European Jazz Orchestra- a 20 member big band with strings.
Born in 1950, in Detroit, Rowland was a member of the world famous Count Basie Orchestra from 1977 until Count Basie’s death in 1984 and won the Grammy for the legendary live album, “On the Road/Montreux ’79.” Rowland also shared the stage with other legendary jazz singers like, Ella Fitzgerald, Mickey Rocker, Freddie Green, John Patitucci, John Hendricks, and Eddie Harris.
For years, Rowland has been a member of the legendary Frank Foster, Loud Minority Big Band, and the U.S. Tour of Joe Sample. In addition to Rowland’s legendary jazz career, he is also an actor in the great American musical theater.

Joscho Stephan and his band have dedicated to European jazz an elegant ensemble with just two guitars and a bass. In the midst of the 1930s, Paris, with its large swinging orchestral rooms, formed the first independent jazz genre in Europe- Gypsy Swing. Role model and guitar prodigy of the great Joscho Stephans is Django Reinhardt. From his rhythmically and melodically elegant style, this music developed into the genre it is today.

Swinging back to the big band sound, imagine the catchy grooves of the 50s and 60s with a Las Vegas flare! The entertainers of the Swingin’ Fireballs embody this swinging history with their own fun and innovative sound. Hot, wild, and à la Louis Prima; sweet and lovely like Jimmy Dean, swing and swung like Frank Sinatra as he drowns their sophisticated arrangements.
With intoxicating grooves, horns, and a spectacular stage show, the stylish Swingin’ Fireballs will make a passionate and energetic affair!
Even the smallest band of the evening, the Organic Trio, gives little opportunity for the audience to ‘take a breather’! Their virtuosity takes you on a journey along the mainstream Swing Era; past Nat King Cole, Sammy Davis Jr., and Tony Bennett onwards to a joyous frenzy!

*Swinging may cause symptoms of hunger exhaustion. Can be treated immediately and effectively in the cozy lounges or at the gala buffet!